Raise money for your startup business and commercial properties. Get up to $5 million from 1,000,000+ investors while increasing product sales, growing your brand, and engaging your community. See why startups are raising capital with Republic.

Drive your startup growth while raising capital

Raise up to $5 million from 1M+ people while increasing product sales, growing your brand, and engaging your community.

Drive key metrics up

A Republic campaign is much more than fundraising. Our companies tripled user bases, sold millions worth of product, gained press coverage, connected with VCs, and raised follow on rounds at great terms—all because of their Republic campaigns.

New “smart money”

Republic investors are your true fans and engaged supporters. They spread the word with their network, offer help in their field of expertise, and introduce you to their connections. Our diverse 1M+ crowd includes top-tier angels, influencers and engaged supporters, helping you beyond raising capital.

1 line on the cap table

All Republic investors represent a single line on your cap table and act as a single investor—without voting or information rights. Our tools make it easy to manage the group as if you’re dealing with one person. Your crowd round won’t drive up operations costs.

VC friendly

Republic.co Crowd SAFE is VC-approved. It won’t impact your current or future rounds. You can raise capital on Republic before, during, or after your venture round. Ecosystem leaders backed many companies that ran a Republic investment campaign.

A crowd round is an important complement to traditional VC, not its replacement.

Is my company a good fit?

Republic investors seek diversification across industries, stages and technologies, so many companies are a good fit. We’ve hosted startups across a multitude of sectors, including consumer, healthtech, edtech, AI, AR/VR, blockchain, food and beverage, CPG, cannabis and countless others.

Raising Money for Startup Business and Commercial Properties
Raising Money for Startup Business and Commercial Properties

Easy startup friendly process

Republic has created a streamlined, startup-friendly process that makes running an investment campaign easy and affordable.

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More benefits

Scalable investor management tools

Everything you need to manage your investors effectively and quickly.

Dedicated legal & onboarding lead

Our team will guide you through the onboarding and help along the way.

Affordable success- based fee

6% cash + 2% of the securities sold. Our simplified process keeps legal costs much lower than you think.

Be part of our 89% success story

A public raise demonstrates that people believe in your product and mission. Pitch & marketing know-howWe know how to fundraise from the crowd online better than anyone and we will share this knowledge with you.

Access to founder and partner networks

Repiblic alumni community and partner network will be your resource years after the campaign

Investments by credit card

Most users prefer to invest via cards. Republic supports credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and wire transfers.

Cutting-edge fundraising tools

Everything you need to raise a successful round is included inside Republic’s award-winning fundraising platform Exposure is part of the packagePut your company in front of 1M+ engaged members

200+ funds VC community

Raising on Republic opens doors for follow-on funding consideration

Community engagement

Let your customers and fans buy into your mission and turn them into real brand ambassadors.

Complex made simple

Republic ensures investing is easy, accessible and friendly. We guide your investors so you don’t have to.

What else can you do on Republic:

Invest in vetted
private companies

Real estate
Build a global
real estate portfolio

Video games
Invest in the success
of video games

Invest in blockchain tech
and digital assets

Access the deal room
for accredited investors

Build a diversified startup
portfolio, hands-free

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