When you choose a professional tax debt relief service company to help you, the most important thing to remember is that it is not just a handful of certifications that sets a company apart – it is the combination of all the qualities listed above that ensures the best tax solution. Resolve Your Tax Issues Today With CuraDebt Tax Debt Relief!

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Resolve Your Tax Issues With CuraDebt Tax Debt Relief
Resolve Your Tax Issues With CuraDebt Tax Debt Relief

Phased Approach To Resolve your Tax Issues

We employ a three-step process to solve your or your company’s tax issue in the most favorable manner based on the unique situation and your or your company’s financial profile.

The first step is to do the investigation.

When needed, our tax professional (when appropriate) requests an immediate stay of enforcement with the IRS or State. Next, a financial analysis is done to identify current and projected financials under IRS (and/or State standards), the master tax file is pulled, tax transcripts are obtained, our tax professional reviews them, penalty abatements qualifications are checked, statute of limitations on collection of tax debts are evaluated, possible resolutions (IA, CNC, PPIA, OIC, other) with pros and cons of each are detailed, and a final recommended resolution or resolutions are provided.

Second, if needed, compliance is done by making sure missing tax returns are filed (or ones with mistakes are amended).

It is important to maintain compliant with IRS rules and regulations and ensure that future returns are in good standing. In some cases, by filing missing returns or fixing ones with mistakes, the taxpayer receives a refund from having overpaid in taxes!

Third, the resolution that was recommended in the investigation is implemented to resolve the IRS or state tax issue.

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