Purchase, expand, or refinance your building with our Commercial Mortgage Financing. Large Amounts, Competitive Rates, and Long Terms. Get financing for your building quickly & easily.

What Do You Need to Qualify for Commercial Mortgage Financing ?

2+ Years Time in Business

Even if your business is just starting to gain momentum, we can help you finance a building!

$250K in Annual Gross Sales

Whether you do $250k or $10mil+ in sales, we have your back!

620+ Credit Score

As long as your FICO score is 620 or above, you’re all set!

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What Are the Benefits of Commercial Mortgage Financing

Own Real Estate

Own a commercial real estate asset—separate from your business.

Low Rates

Get competitive rates through our 75+ lender marketplace. 

Build Equity

Start building equity by owning commercial real estate.

We’ve Secured Over $1 Billion in Funding Through Our Exclusive Marketplace

Get the Commercial MortgageYour Business Deserves

Unlock the full potential of your building. Learn how National can help you access competitive rates, terms and amounts to buy, expand or refinance your building!

Unlock the Lowest Rates, Longest Terms and Highest Amounts 

Loan Amount $500,000 —$10Mil

Flexible Terms 15—25 Years

Time to Fund 30—90 DaysApply Now

Mortgage Financing How Can Commercial Help?

Business Growth

Expand your business by purchasing additional commercial real estate, or relocating to a new location.

Business Expenses

Refinance your building to make capital improvements, instead of paying out of pocket. 

Business Opportunities

Pursue new business and growth opportunties by taking advantage of the equity in your commercial real estate. 

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