Be A Hero Employer and offer an Interest Free Employee Pay Advance Payroll option With No Cost Or Risk To You and Gain A Competitive Advantage Attracting And Retaining Employees.

Interest Free Employee Pay Advance Payroll Option for Employers
Interest Free Employee Pay Advance Payroll Option for Employers

Your Employees Are Going To Love You!

Give your employees the security and financial flexibility they deserve with our Interest Free Pay Any Day Advance.  Through our platform, they can get up to 50% of their paycheck BEFORE pay day – as soon their income is reported to payroll. There is no interest cost to your employees – and no cost to you!

Pay Any-Day

Pay Any-Day is an employee benefit, reflecting an employer’s commitment to greater flexibility.

Flexibility reduces stress and empowers employees with access to their coming wages – anytime.

They can Advance up to 50% of Their Pay

Deposit into any Bank Account in the U.S.

Automatic Repayment on Payday

It’s an Advance – Not a Loan, No Interest (APR) Paid

Simple Transaction fee of only $2.95 per Advance

Digital Account

Give your employees the benefits of online banking – without any monthly fees.

No Monthly or Minimum Balance Fees
Have no fear, you are not promoting something that is going to nickel and dime them each month.

Earn Interest!
With an interest bearing checking account they will earn interest each month on their balances.

Pay Bills
Easily pay bills with access to thousands of merchants one time or with autopay-for FREE.

Send Money
With our account, your employees can send money instantly (2 free per month) or next day (unlimited free).

Visa Debit CardHave the convenience and protection of Visa – without any risk.

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How It Works

1. You or your payroll company report your employee’s next pay period information to Rellevate.

2. If the employee wants to access money early, they can draft up to 50% now – for a small draft fee of only $2.95.

3. Rellevate advances the earned pay and shoulders all the related risk.

4. Their paycheck is direct deposited later into their Rellevate Digital Account-paying back their advanced money.

5. You assume ZERO risk, and there is No Impact To Your Existing Payroll Cycle or Cash Flow.

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