Utilize Franchise Financing to purchase, grow and expand your franchise. Finance Mandatory Renovations Or Purchase an Additional Location. Lower Rates, Larger Amounts, and Longer Terms Fast, Easy Process.

What Is a Franchise Loan?

Simply put, franchise loans and financing programs help franchise owners to both capitalize on new opportunities and cover upcoming expenses.

For franchise owners, there are always ways to drive higher revenue. Successful restaurant franchise owners looking to serve more customers may need funding to expand their locations. Other franchise owners looking to drive higher revenue by purchasing an additional location may need funding as well. Franchise loans and financing programs can help entrepreneurs get funding to accomplish these goals, without losing valuable time by waiting around for approvals. 

When corporate offices require mandatory remodeling or equipment upgrades, the expenses can be difficult to cover. Franchise loans and financing can provide the capital necessary to make these adjustments, without risking forced closure or tapping into working capital. 

If you’re strapped for cash, the Business Financing Advisors at National can help you find a program that works for your business. Even an open tax lien or previous credit challenges will not disqualify you. We take pride in delivering prompt service to help you grow your franchise to the highest potential. Over the years, we’ve funded numerous franchises, including Subway, CiCi’s Pizza, Meineke Car Care Center, Golden Crust, Golden Corral, Firehouse Subs, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino’s Pizza, IHOP, Burger King, Jack in the Box, and Quizno’s! 

By looking past low credit to see the “big picture”, National can help you qualify for a program that makes sense for your business, helping you obtain funding before your opportunity passes.

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Franchise Financing | National Business Capital

What Do You Need to Qualify for Franchise Financing?

6+ Months in Business

As long as your franchise has been in business for 6 months, we can help!

$120,000 in Annual Gross Sales

Whether you do $120,000 or $12,000,000+ in sales, we have your back!

No Minimum Credit Score

You don’t need squeaky clean credit —we have options for franchises of all credit profiles.

What Are The Benefits? 

Longer terms

Access franchise financing programs with terms as long as 20 years. 

Prime Rate +

Get a deal that works for your franchise without overpaying, through set rates and terms.

Express Funding

Access financing in as little as 2 days on funding amounts of $350K or less.

We’ve Secured Over $1 Billion in Funding Through Our Exclusive Marketplace

Franchise Financing | ASB Capital Loan Funding
Franchise Financing | ASB Capital Loan Funding

A Smarter Way to Finance Your Franchise

Your franchise may have an update deadline, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for sky-high rates. Learn how you can access competitive offers for any franchise needs in just a few hours!

Unlock the Lowest Rates, Longest Terms and Highest Amounts

Financing Amount $10,000 – $5Mil

Flexible Terms 6 Months – 10 Years

Time to Fund 2-7 Days

How Can You Use Your Franchise Financing?

There are no restrictions—use your capital to pursue any opportunity or overcome any challenge! 

Business Growth

Buy new equipment or inventory, hire new staff, or prepare for seasonal changes.

Business Expenses

Get extra working capital to manage payroll, bridge gaps in cash flow, or pay bills.

Business Opportunities

Expand or open a second location, serve more customers, or capitalize on bulk order discounts.

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