Get US Alternative Loans for Business. We are lenders of USA small businesses. When traditional banks say no we say yes and accommodate you with capital funding.

Small Business Capital

Alternative Loans for Business Quick Funding up to $2M!

One stop. Best offers. Free Application. No Obligation.

When banks say no, we say yes!

Incredibly fast access to capital!

Funds in your bank this week!

Simple And Fast

Receive a decision within 1 day and capital up to $2,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days.

Small Business Focus

Specializing in small business, we work to get you money while you remain focused on your business.

Top Rated Providers

We only represent transparent, top rated, quick-turnaround providers with over $10 billion dollars funded so far.

Use As You Choose

Need to expand or take advantage of volume discounts? It’s your business, you decide how its used.

Qualification is simple! Do you qualify?

The minimum qualifications of our providers are less intensive than those of banks. We focus on getting you quick approval and fast capital.

Time in Business

Only need a minimum of 4 months in business


Business can reside anywhere in the US

Personal Credit

Personal credit score must be at least 500+

Monthly Revenue

$25K+ Monthly Revenue. Not doing $25k month? Try our Up To 25k Option In Menu above


Over 700 different industries served

Why Are We Better?

DAC identifies and represents only the most reputable capital providers. We provide capital faster than a traditional bank with less intensive qualifications. Your revenue is valued most, rather than your credit score.

What Will It Cost?

Our pricing is simple and transparent. You will be shown total advance plus total cost. The Big Banks rarely share the total cost of the capital. We will show you how much you can receive and what the total payback will be.

More Affordable

Our fundings are typically up to 50% less expensive than a traditional merchant cash advance.

Fast Capital

You submit your application and we provide you with a fast decision.

Automatic Payment

You are setup with regular fixed payments so that you don’t have to worry about surprise obligations.

But seriously, how do our providers compare?

 DACMost BanksCredit Card Advances
The Fastest Capital (Funded In Days)YESNONO
Value Cash Flow More Than Credit ScoreYESNOYES
Bad Credit Ok (only 500 FICO Score Needed)YESNOYES
Unsecured (No Collateral Needed)YESNOYES
Minimal Amount of PaperworkYESNONO
Repeat Customer BenefitsYESNONO
Simple Presentation of the Total Cost of the CapitalYESNONO

Easy Business Capital.
Pricing Per Dollar & Basic Qualifications.

Total payback costs from 18¢-50¢ per borrowed dollar. Ex: Borrow $10,000 pay back $12,000-$15,000.
Terms from 3-24 months

With a 6 month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 30¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,000).

Typical funding amount is $40,000.

With a 12month term, your total cost can be as low as 18¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 35¢ (eg: borrow $10,000, pay back $13,500).

Typical funding amount is $80,000.

With a 24 month term, your total cost can be as low as 20¢ per dollar.

Average cost is 42¢.

Typical funding amount is $130,000.

Get Started

Origination Fee

0%-5% of capital for your first funding (deducted from your capital advance at time of funding).

Example: $100,000 funding with 2% fees. $2,000 fee would be deducted from the funding, so $98,000 would be wired to you.

Minimum Qualifications

*Eligibility for the lowest prices shown above are reserved for customers with the strongest cash flows and credit profiles. Returning customers with the strongest credit profiles and excellent payment history on prior capital products from DAC are eligible for our even lower premier rates.


Complete the online form by clicking below.  We will review and then contact you to discuss available options and answer any questions.

Complete Application

Complete the simple application which will provide our lenders and advance companies with more business, personal, and financial details. Submit to us with a few requested documents.

Submit Documents

To verify the application and secure approval, we request 4 months of bank statements, a copy of your last years business tax return, a cancelled check, and a copy of your drivers license.

Your Next Step To Quick Funds Starts Here

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Customer Financing To Drive Your Sales

Many Providers = More Approvals And Profits For YouPrograms For All Credit Levels Including 2nd Chance Financing For Low CreditLow Cost To You AndNo Recourse To You If They DefaultImmediate Approvals and Fast Funding

Want To Select The Right Lender For Your Customers?  We Represent All The Top Providers!


The Best Lenders For Each Industry

Solve The “Affordability” Issue By Offering The Right Financing For Your CustomersMany Lenders Equals More Approvals While Protecting Your Profit Margins

Programs For All Credit Levels Including 2nd Chance Financing For Low Credit

No Recourse To You If They Default

Immediate Approvals and Fast Funding

Medical and Dental Offices

Automotive Repair Shops

Home Improvement

Jewelry and Other Retail Stores

Vocational and Trade Schools

Coaching And Training Seminars

Veterinarian Offices

Online and Ecommerce Sales

Most Other Industries

Increase Your Sales While Helping Your Customers

Research Shows  Benefits Of Offering Financing Options To Your CustomersIncrease Average Ticket Size By Up To 85% And Encourage Upgrades / Add-Ons

Improve Store Traffic By Over 20% Via Promotional Offers

Increase Sale Conversions By Making The Purchase More Affordable

Why DAC?

Multiple Lender Offers Equals Best Options For You And Your Customers

Your Own Private Branded Page For Your Customer Applications

Financing From $300 – $100,000 And Terms of 1-15 YearsInstant Decisions And Programs For Most All Credit Levels

Low Cost And Easy Setup (start offering financing in as little as 48 hours)

How Does This Work?

Are You Ready To SuperCharge Your Business?

Let’s Get You Started Now!

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Same Day Small Business Funding

How Does It Work?

Immediate Approvals

$5,000+ Monthly Bank Revenue
Business Checking Account
6 Months In Business
450+ Credit Score
All Industries Included

Breezy Online Process

Accept Approval Amount
Link Online Banking
Review Approval Terms
Sign Agreement Online
Receive Funds

Simple And Fair

No Hard Credit Inquiries
Transparent Terms
No Collateral Required
Industry Leading Early Pay Discounts

Get More When Needed

Payment History Earns You More
Receive Funding Again
Add-On Funds Available
Personalized Account Manager

Get Up To $25K Today!

Payment Processing Improved

Standard processing plus our new Cash Discount Processing (no fees).

Eliminate 95% of your fees.

Access to funds faster

Everything you need in one kit

Keep More Of The Money You Earn.

What Is Cash Discounting?

Cash Discounting is a specialized program that allows you to provide an incentive to cash buyers while eliminating almost all of your non-cash processing costs.

You will be provided signage stating all of your prices are discounted for cash payment and for customers who choose to pay with a credit card, a non cash adjustment of 4% will be automatically added to the discounted for cash price.

The non cash adjustment is designed to offset your processing fees.

Cash Discounting Is Easy!

Your plug and play equipment will arrive ready to use and pre-programmed with the non cash adjustment of 4%.

With the cash discount program you can accept all major credit cards and EBT where applicable.

Also, if you decide you want to offer an individual credit card user the discounted for cash price, you’ll have the option to waive the non cash adjustment at checkout.

DAC provides the technology that makes this happen easily for you.

Wide selection of equipment.

With today’s technology, there’s no reason for you to be limited to a single terminal. We have many POS providers and equipment options…many with FREE placement.


Find the system that best suits your business

Peace of mind with technical help & support

Next day funding on all accounts.

With DAC, your weekend sales are deposited Monday morning. No more waiting until Tuesday to get your funds.

Cut-off times vary by processor.

Get your sales dollars sooner.

As late as 11:30pm EST Sunday night

Exceptional service.

Everything needed to successfully run this program is provided in the welcome kit. Even access to our unprecendented service.

Door/window point of purchase signage

Help & support resources with friendly staff

Every merchant receives our Gold Level Care