Get a near-instant influx of capital available at a moment’s notice, our team will walk you through all the steps to obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance and MCA debt consolidation loans so that your business has capital within 24 hours of the request.

 Business Cash Advance Funding Requirements:

  • 3 Months of Recent Bank Statements
  • Minimum $20,000 in Monthly Revenue
  • 500+ FICO Score

Merchant Cash Advance ( MCA ) Debt Consolidation Loans

Revamp your financing by paying off existing financing and provide access to new capital for your business. We’ll work with your existing funders to settle outstanding balances as you begin receiving new funding through our various programs.

Business Cash Advance | ASB Capital Loan Funding
Business Cash Advance | ASB Capital Loan Funding

Overview Of Funding Guidelines

– Positions: 1st-4th

– Sweet spot: 2nd-3rd

– Funding Amount: $2M+

– Processing Time: ~ 1-2 hours

– Terms: 10 months (No minimum)

– Minimum Monthly Deposits: 15k

– Minimum Deposit Volume: 8-10

– Minimum Time In Business: 1 Year

– Minimum Credit: 500

– States We Fund: All 50 United States

– Payment Frequencies Offered: Daily, Weekly and Custom Weekly

– Soft or Hard Credit Pulls: Soft

– Industries We Don’t Touch: Trucking, Auto-sales, Lawyers, 1st pos. Construction, Lenders, Financial Consultants, Consultants, and Lawyers

Funding Process


Complete our online application & send us your business documents.


Our team will review your file look for the best solution possible for your business.


Accept the offer and receive funds same-day for use in your business.

Document Requirements

For a Submission

Getting started is simple, all we ask for is 3 Months of Bank Statements and our Completed Application to get started. 

Required Documents to Submit:

VCG Funding Sheet.png
3 Months Bank Statements
VCG Application.png
Completed Application

For Funding

After our team has reviewed your business’ options with our network, they’ll reply with an Approved amount. 

In Addition to Submission Requirements:
VCG ID icon.png
Drivers License
(Color Copy)
Voided Check

Industries we Service


Auto shops

Business Consultants




Fitness Centers

General Contractors

Grocery Stores

Healthcare Services


Learning Centers

Liquor Stores





Medical Companies

Online Businesses

Professional Services


Rehab Centers

Restaurant / Cafes

Retail Stores

Technology Companies

Warehouse Businesses

Utility Companies

*We are not limited to the industries listed above*

What All This means To You….

Same-Day Approvals

Bad Credit? Okay!

Quick Options

Online Application

Soft Credit Pulls

Premiere Support

$50 Mil + Facilitated

20+ Committed Staff

15,000 + Satisfied Clients 

25+ Years of Experience

Apply now by submitting a request here