Fix and flip Loan Amount ƒ Min: $50,000, Max: $5,000,000. Ground up Min: $50,000, Max: $5,000,000.

Maximum Fix and Flip Loan to Cost

Up to 85% of Purchase Price
ƒ Up to 100% of Rehab Cost

Maximum Ground Up Loan to Cost

Up to 75% of the lower of land value or purchase price/60% if unpermitted, plus 100% of construction.
ƒMax 80% of total project costs.
ƒLTC Catch Up Draw to raise initial advance to 75% at approval of required plans/permits post-closing.

Maximum Loan to ARV on both the fix and flip and ground up programs is Up to 70%


Minimum IR = 1 months. ƒ

If past bankruptcy, foreclosure, or FICO < 620: 12 month IR.

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Fix and Flip and Ground Up Program
Fix and Flip and Ground Up Program

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