With us as your direct lender, you’ll discover a world of flexible loan products perfectly tailored to meet your real estate investment needs.

Fix and Flips loans can close in 3-5 days
Lending Fix and Flip loans nationwide
We see a wide range of scenarios every day, allowing us to work as your business partner to find the best loan solution for you.

Don’t miss out on a great investment property just because you don’t have a lender in that state. From coast to coast, we provide competitive rates and fast closing times to unlock the potential of any location.

Multiple Business Financing Options 800x500

Fix and Flip/Bridge

2-3 points
Close in 3-5 days
85% LTC/70% LTV 
No Prepayment Penalty
$100,000 minimum

Ground Up

2-3 points
Close in 7-10 days
75% LTC/65% LTV
No Prepayment Penalty
No Dutch Interest


Close in 2-3 weeks
80% LTV/ 75% Cash out
10 yr Interest Only available
No Income Verification
.70 Min DSCR
Portfolio Loans Okay

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Also Available:

Rental Loans:

30 year fixed rates
Up to 80% LTV
Rates in the 7.89% – 9.9%’s

SFR Portfolio Loans:

5, 10, & 30 year terms
Up to 80% LTV
Rates in the 7.89% – 9.9%’s

Fix & Flip Loans:

6 – 18 month terms
85%+ of Purchase & 100% of Rehab
Rates in the 9.75% – 12.99%’s

Multi-Family Rehab Loans:

12 – 24 month terms
75%+ of Cost
Rates in the 10.99% – 12.50%’s

Multi & Commercial Long-Term Loans:

5, 10, & 30 year terms
Up to 75% LTV
Rates in the 8.95% – 10.99%’s

Short-Term Bridge Loans:

12 -24 month terms
Purchase or Refi to 85% LTV
Rates in the 10.25% – 12.99%’s

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