We provide technology enhanced and frictionless access to commercial property, multifamily, construction and industrial financing by making it easier to get funding.

You want the best terms on your loans. You want the process to be easy. Janover Ventures seamlessly connects the right borrowers with the right lenders making the process frictionless. Meet the future of commercial property and business financing.

Making Commercial Property, Multifamily, Construction and Industrial Financing Easier
Making Commercial Property, Multifamily, Construction and Industrial Financing Easier

The multifamily, commercial property, construction & industrial financing industries are deeply fractured.

Borrowers don’t know all of their options

Even the largest and most sophisticated commercial real estate and small business investors don’t know — and are rarely presented with — their best financing options. Janover Ventures is opening this carefully-guarded black box.

Lenders lack incentive to make small loans

Lenders have not actively embraced digital client engagement or technology to improve efficiency. Their old-school approach ultimately leads to a lack of incentivization to seek and originate “smaller” loans… until now.

Borrowers & lenders aren’t connected

Neither borrowers nor lenders have a way to access each other at scale. With hundreds of thousands of borrowers, and lenders, all with their unique deal components; how can everyone possibly connect with their best counterpart?


Technology + education = democratized access to multifamily, commercial real estate construction and industrial financing.

Free education

Through a growing network of educationally-focused digital media assets owned by Janover Ventures, we are empowering commercial real estate, multifamily and small business owners with loan options they may not have known existed.

Proprietary tools

By leveraging a combination of industry-leading, proprietary technology, and carefully curated lender and investor relationships, Janover Ventures is helping borrowers get access to superior loan options, and at the same time, helping lenders get more clients that fit their ideal credit profile.

Unlock access

Thanks to our data-driven expertise in digital growth engineering, capital markets and agile web development, we are able to help unlock access to multifamily, small business, and commercial real estate debt capital.

Janover Ventures is the connection between borrowers and lenders

Easy loan application

The Intelligent loan portal guides a borrower through a series of easy-to-answer questions about the prospective loan.

Organized documents

The integrated document hub allows for borrowers to easily upload and manage all supporting loan documents directly in the portal.

Stunning loan summary

Our software processes key elements of the application and instantly generates a beautiful loan summary.

Algorithmic borrower and lender matchmaking

Lender partners also utilize our portal to engage with matched borrowers. It’s like Tinder, but for commercial real estate & business finance!

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