These personal loan qualifications can help you start a business, grow your startup or established business or any other need that warrants capital. Ideal for the self employed or people with self employment, w2 or 1040 workers.

Personal Loan Qualifications
Personal Loan Qualifications

Our Persona Loan Qualifications

If you meet the following criteria, you will qualify for a personal, no-collateral loan in the amount
of $10,000 – $400,000 per applicant. If you want to use this money to start a business in one of
the areas below**, it comes with FREE mentorship!
● US Citizen or a Permanent Resident with a green card and social security number
● Under the age of 72
● Do not live in CA or IA
● have a credit score 650 or higher
● Annual income more than $27,000
○ W2 – must be on job at least 6 months with one year of consecutive employment
○ Social Security, Retirement, or Permanent Disability ok
○ Self-Employment – Must be in business 2 years with 2 years filed tax returns
earning over $50K net revenue and over $27K Adjusted Gross Income
● Have at least 3 open and active primary tradelines that are at least 6 months old
● Have less than 6 hard inquiries in the last 6 months
● Have no new credit opened, with your personal credit, in the last 6 months (Department
Store Cards, Credit Cards, Credit Card Limit Increase, Car Loan, Mortgage, Personal
Loans, Co-Signing, etc.)
● Have never filed for Bankruptcy (at least not in the last 5-7 years)
● Have no late payments, recent collections, or anything that is derogatory reporting in the
last 2 years
● Total credit card balances under 60% utilization

If you meet the criteria, funding will be from multiple lenders (depending on amount and
qualifications), in up to 3 rounds of funding. All loans are fully amortized and have a term of 3,
5, or 7 years.

There is a consultation fee which will be added into the amount of the loan and is
fully tax deductible.

No out-of-pocket money required! Interest rates vary, but can be as low as
5%. There are no prepayment penalties.

If you fall short on one or more of the criteria, our Funding Shark program can get you funded
anyway in as little as 30 days.

Contact us to learn more and get connected with a team specialist

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