Get the cash you need to keep your restaurants & bars doors open with our capital loan funding nationwide financing and expend your business to meet your customer’s needs.

There are over 1 million restaurant and bar locations in the United States employing 15.6 million people. The reality is that 80% of restaurants fail in the first five years due to owners  underestimating the amount of working capital they need to start and maintain their daily operations.

Restaurants & Bars Capital Loan Funding Nationwide Financing
Restaurants & Bars Capital Loan Funding Nationwide Financing

Why Do Restaurant & Bar Owners Choose ACR Funding?

Restaurant ownership is one of the most competitive forms of small business ownership. Labor and food costs can typically consume 50-75% of your total sales. ACR Funding can provide a business equipment loan to cover large expenses such as new commercial ovens, walk-in refrigerators or freezers, and more. We can also help secure a working capital loan to cover your immediate expenses such as employee wages, marketing expenses, and rent. 

Keep up with demand and grow your restaurant or bar business with up to $1,000,000 in funding in 24 hours or less. ACR Funding can help your restaurant or bar secure working capital fast and easy. Our knowledgeable funding experts, flexible terms, and competitive rates make us the top option when choosing an alternative funding source. 


Purchase Raw Ingredients

Purchase raw ingredients and locally sourced produce to keep up with the demand of your most popular menu items and seasonal favorites

Hire New Experienced Staff

Retain employees from competitive local eateries by investing in staff training to provide the best possible customer service

Replace Old Appliances 

Replace old outdated appliances and equipment or upgrade technology to streamline your operations and offer new services like online/mobile app orders and payments

Remodel or Expand

Get the working capital you need to remodel or expand your space and create an inviting environment or outdoor dining space or open a second location

How to Apply

Step 1

Apply online. It only takes a
few minutes.

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Step 2

Let our experts review your information and provide you with different funding options that best fit your business needs.  

Step 3

Sign some paperwork and receive your funding within a few hours.

ACR Funding experts are available to answer all your questions and guide you through our quick and easy application process.

ACR Funding considers the health of your business and not your credit score. In most cases, if your business has consistent monthly deposits you will qualify for a same-day business loan. 

Get up to $1,000,000 in as little as 24 hours