The Find, Fund fix and flip hard money loan financing lender system. The only all in one resource for flipping properties for greater profits.

Find properties

Become a master at finding and evaluating off-market properties. You can quickly identify off-market properties to purchase with our software. You can even assess other metrics like hot markets and great opportunities.

You can also market directly to homeowners by making custom postcards in a matter of clicks. Postcards are a great way to reach out to people who might be willing to sell their house. Just send a postcard with your information, and homeowners may contact you looking to sell. Marketing tactics like this allow you to get the best deals on houses before they even reach the market.

You can also use our resources, training, and support to hone your assessment and market-finding skills. If you have the drive to learn more about the house flipping industry and apply that knowledge, you can use the tools that DoHardMoney offers to succeed.

Both new and experienced flippers love these tools and resources because they offer valuable information that makes the flipping business easier for them.

If you want to know how to find houses as a house flipper, our system is a great way to do so. Our members get all the tools, training, and software to make finding deals easily.

Investor’s Edge

Our secret weapon to find off-market properties. Sort through 160 million properties and market to motivated sellers without leaving your computer.

Advanced Deal Analyzer

Get instant feedback on the profitability, risk, and estimated cash to close on any property you’re looking at.

Proof of Funds

Provide proof that you’ve got the funds to back up your offer, day or night, seven days a week. You don’t even have to call us.

Contract Templates

Download the exact contract templates we use for a variety of partnerships and real estate deals.

Fund Your Deals With A Hard Money Loan

We’ve seen it too often: A lender promises you money but then won’t fund the deal you find. You can find the exact properties that DoHardMoney will fund with our system. Now, you can find deals and know you’ll receive financing for them.

One system = fewer hiccups.

You can come to us with any experience level and get a loan that suits your needs. You’ll get a deal that allows you to use as little of your own money as possible, whether from a hard money loan, a bridge loan, or another loan type that works best for you.

Great house flippers can come from anywhere, regardless of background and experience. That’s why you can get a loan from DoHardMoney despite qualities that other lenders see as risk factors, like experience, credit score, unwillingness to pay down payments, and more.

You can start house flipping through our Find-Fund-Flip system, which can assist you in finding good deals. This system helps you through the house flipping process in a way that a simple loan cannot. You can find good deals, get financing, and maximize profits with DoHardMoney.

00% Financing

Whether it’s through our flagship 100% Financing Loan or with one of our other 16 funding methods, we’ll find a way for you to close your deal with minimal out-of-pocket costs.

Waived Risk Fee

Upon joining the Find-Fund-Flip System, you’re automatically eligible for our 100% Financing Loan without paying the standard risk fee.

No Monthly Payments

Pay no interest on your loan for the first five months. Focus on your rehab, not on making monthly payments.

Friendly Qualifications

The majority of members are first-time fix & flippers, many with poor credit and rejected loans from other lenders. We believe everyone should have a shot at financial freedom.

Flip for profit.

Managing a complicated rehab is a scary proposition, which is why you’ll have access to all the Find-Fund-Flip resources to make it as seamless as possible.

If you’re willing to work for it, these resources, tools, and more can help you get incredible returns on investment.

Each loan is provided loan advisors and project managers to help you make intelligent, profit-driven decisions. Their only goal is to get you get to the finish line with as much profit in your pocket as possible. With these professionals working with you, you’re never alone in this business, and their expertise can help you make money.

Our house flippers make an average profit of $39,714. We also have fantastic cash-to-close numbers. About one in four borrowers needed to bring $2,000 or less to the closing table.

If you’re looking to make a profit in the house flipping industry, DoHardMoney provides low cash-to-close costs and high profits to ensure you spend less and make more.

Getting into real estate investing can be a tricky business, but using the tools in the Find-Fund-Flip system, you can more easily make money in this industry.

Contractor Estimator Template

Your contractor will submit a bid using our template with each project & cost as a separate line item. No more surprises when it comes time for repairs.

Contractor Database

Unreliable contractors can submarine even the best deals. That’s why we keep a database of the best ones for you to choose from.

Project Manager

You’ll have a former general contractor assigned to keep your rehab running smoothly and help you solve any issues that come up.