Our 5% down fix and flip loan program. Must have 3 completed projects in the last 36 months.

  •  Term: 6-10 Months
  •  Interest Accrual Method: Interest-Only, Dutch or Drawn
  •  Min. Loan Amount: $75K (purchase + repairs)
  •  Max. Loan Amount: $1.2MM
  •  Up to 95% LTC and up 80% LTARV (purchase + repairs)
  •  Interest rate as low as 12%
  •  Origination fee as low as 1%
  •  Min. FICO: 600
  •  We Collect Bank Statements


  • 5% Down Loan Program 
    • We can go down to 12% Interest rate 
    • 1 Points for a 6 months term. Points scales with longer term.
    • $2,100 flat for processing fee for all loans.
    • We can fund up to 95% LTC and 75% ARV
    • We can close as early as 10-15 days.
  • Draws are reimbursement based
    • We use SiteWire, a third party app that quickens our draw funding time to 24-48 hours (most of the time within the day)
    • You are the inspector, uploads pictures and videos from your phone
5% Down Fix and Flip Loan Program
5% Down Fix and Flip Loan Program

Your Long-Term Success is Our Top Priority

We work with both first-time investors and seasoned investors alike. Though no matter your situation, we’ll work together to support your investment goals.

As your fix and flip business grows with the support of ASB Capital Loan Funding, your rates and benefits will improve as well. Experienced investors showing lots of projects on a track record are given a number of benefits including lower rates, customized points, and even quicker closings.

ASB Capital Loan Funding is dedicated to the success of our borrowers and we are here to help you achieve your long-term real estate investing goals.  

 So far with this program we only fund WA, GA, CO and TX. We are trying to expand to more states.