Finance with rental loans for a new purchase, refinance a property you own, or free up cash in your rental portfolio to gain asset appreciation and cash flow.

Low rates and fees

Our capital is backed by institutional securitization — so it’s reliable and available at competitive rates as low as 5.750%.*

Fast and simple process

Forget searching for pay stubs and old W-2s. Our platform eliminates these time-consuming, manual tasks.

Flexibility and support

With a variety of rental loan options, our dedicated team will help maximize your ROI and create a simplified experience.

Rental loans - Long Term Financing for Rental Properties
Rental loans – Long Term Financing for Rental Properties

Flexible rental loans options

Our flexible long-term rental financing is designed to help investors reap the benefits of both property appreciation and rental income with rental property interest rates as low as 5.750%.*

  • 5/1 ARM (fully amortizing)
  • 7/1 ARM (fully amortizing)
  • 30-Year fixed
  • Interest-only options

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Refine your long-term investment strategy

Whether you are adding your first rental property or accumulating multiple rentals into a large diversified portfolio, Kiavi can help guide you through which rental lending strategy best fits your needs and help you grow.

Avoid the hassle of hopping from bank to bank with low total exposure limits and large required down payments. With competitive rental property loan rates, as low as 5.750%,* and with up to 80% LTV on our rental loan products, we make it easy to invest in rental properties.

Single-family, PUDs, and 2-4 unit rentals

  • Rates as low as 5.750%*
  • No hard credit pull
  • Individual and entity borrowers eligible
  • No prepayment penalty after year 3
  • Cash-out up to $500k after 4 months

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